Woensdag 03 April 2013

Horex V6 motorcycle set for production

One of the sensations of recent times in motorcycling circles was the first showing of the VR6 Horex Roadster, with its extraordinary 200 bhp, narrow-angle, V6 supercharged engine. The name Horex is well known in Germany for its motorcycles, and the resurrection of the name is now almost complete with series production set to begin.

The new Horex VR6 Roadster factory will only build pre-ordered machines, with the engines built by Weber in Markdorf and the build performed on four sequential workstations in Augsburg. Each workstation is equipped with a PC so that the build of each machine can be documented. One mechanic builds a complete bike from start to finish, even performing the final dynamometer test.

The factory will only build pre-ordered bikes, so every bike built will be built to the specifications of its owner.

Initial low-volume production is expected to begin in the next few weeks with the price beginning in the EUR20,000 vicinity and climbing with the degree of customization required. Initially, you'll need to go to Germany, Austria or Switzerland to get your hands on one, but expansion is planned beginning next year into France, the Benelux countries and Italy.

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