Woensdag 17 April 2013

The Ostoure super-naked motorcycle design concept

The Ostoure super-naked motorcycle concept is Iranian designer Mohammad Reza Shojaie's take on the street muscle bike of the future. The concept draws inspiration from ancient Persian engravings, combining these with cutting-edge design elements and some high-tech trimmings such as two-wheel drive and an in-helmet heads-up display.

Ostoure means “legend” in Persian, and Shojaie says the bike’s design was inspired by the stone engravings of ancient Persepolis. Combining a muscular look with more delicate detailing, the Ostoure has an aggressive but refined appearance that would not be out of place on the boulevards of the near future.
The concept bike, which exists only as renderings at this point, features two-wheel drive with apparent shaft drive and dual differentials. Although it’s not clear from the renderings, Shojaie says steering is through the front wheel linkage, implying some type of hub steering. You steer the bike using the two handgrips located on either side of the fairing. The designer claims this nonstandard arrangement would be similar to piloting an aircraft.


The Ostoure has a single shock suspension on both the rear and front. Because of the front shock’s location, the bike uses a smaller front radiator, supported by smaller radiators located on each side.
Instrumentation is available both on board the bike, as well as through the helmet using a heads-up display (HUD). The Ostoure helmet is rather trick in itself. In addition to the HUD, the lid features a Bluetooth connection to the bike, built-in speakers, and even air-conditioning. The helmet’s controls are located on the bikes handgrip.

Although the Ostoure concept bike features some innovative tech, many of the concepts have been around motorcycles for years. Hub steering was used as far back as the 1920s, and has been seen more recently in Bimota, Tier Motorsports, and Vyrus. Helmet HUDs are currently available for motorcycles from OEMs and after-market providers. Shaft drive is not uncommon, and there are even a few two-wheel drive bikes from Yamaha, BMW, KTM and others.

With it’s eye-catching styling and just-over-the-horizon technology, the Ostoure concept has been generating a lot of buzz. In fact, Shojaie says his design earned him a scholarship to the Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy, so we can look forward to more great work from this promising designer.

Source: gizmag.com @By Alan Brandon

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