Woensdag 24 April 2013

Part dirt bike, part mountain bike, all Mountain Moto

For many people, dirt bikes look fun, but intimidating. They’re dangerously-fast, they’re loud, and should you wipe out on one, which is going to happen... well, that’s a lot of bike that could come crashing down on top of you. If you’re one of these people, you might be interested in the FX Mountain Moto. At 57 kg (125 lbs), it’s billed as the world’s lightest adult-sized dirt bike. It’s intended to bridge the gap between regular dirt bikes and mountain bicycles, combining the power of one with the agility of the other.

The FX has a 125cc 9-horsepower Honda-Jialing engine, available in auto or manual, that gets a reported 100mpg. While it’s mostly a motorcycle, it does have some mountain bike parts, including a Marzocchi Monster fork, a Mavic 26-inch front rim, and a Kenda MTB front tire. It’s similar in some ways to a trials bike, but is designed more for general-purpose, comfortable off-road riding.

One of the main ideas behind the Mountain Moto is that it will allow riders to explore new territory, as it can be lifted (more realistically, let’s say “heaved”) over obstacles like logs and fences, and won’t get bogged down where regular motorbikes would. It’s also aimed at new riders, who aren’t ready for a 200-plus-pound fire-breathing monster. A third market might include vacationers, wildlife officials, or other people who want something light and simple to carry on the back of their road vehicles.

What would be great is if the Mountain Moto were to replace larger bikes in some applications, resulting in less fuel use, less noise, and less wear on the trails. What wouldn't be so great is if it kept people from getting into mountain biking, or encouraged them to ride in places where they don’t belong - such as on mountain bike trails, or private property.
The Mountain Moto can currently only be ordered from the US and Canada, although a dealership network is reportedly being established. Once you can buy one, expect to part with about $US4995. If you’re interested in getting one at a discount, drop by the FX Bikes website and look into becoming a test rider.
Should you wish to go electric, and even lighter, you can also check out the soon-to-be-released Comoto.

Source: gizmag.com @By Ben Coxworth

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